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This contrasts with the diversity of the twenty- two trips being run in 1981, which include emphasis on a variety of geologic problems that range from surficial to bedrock studies. The Nashoba thrust belt northwest of the platform forms a major structural discontinuity.A resurgence in the interest of the bedrock geology of the area has taken place in the past decade; this new interest partly has been stimulated by recent plate tectonic models that emphasize the distinct character and geo- logic history of the Avalon Terrain of southeastern New England compared with lithotectonic belts to the west. The stratigraphy, structural style, and ages of plutons on either side are strikingly different Barosh and Pease, 1977; Barosh and others, 1978a; Zartman and Naylor, in press) .NEIGC and the hosts of these online guidebooks are not responsible for the use or misuse of the guidebooks. These folds generally trend and plunge to the north along the Rhode Island-Connec- ticut border but trend westward farther south in southeastern Connecticut.

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, Boston Univers ity Naylor, Richard S., Northeastern University Raben, J. , New England Geotechnical Consultants Rast, Nicholas, University of Kentucky Rehmer, Judith, Waban Geoscience Ross, Martin, Northeastern University Rutherford, Malcolm J. The brief nature of our summary does not allow mention of many important geologic features, or the citation of all important studies.

Several articles that include discussion of general evolutionary geologic models for the larger New Eng- land region have been published recently and should be of interest to the reader 1 Department of Geology and Geophysics, Weston Observatory, Boston College, Weston, MA 02193 9 Department of Geology, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881 (e.g., Rast and other, 1976; Osberg, 1978; Skehan and Osberg, 1979; Past, 1980; Robinson and Hall, 1980; Skehan and Murray, 1980) .

, Weston Observatory, Boston College Smith, Paul V., Weston Observatory, Boston College Zartman, R. IV TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE FOREWORD ii CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION iii TABLE OF CONTENTS iv GENERAL STRUCTURAL SETTING OF RHODE ISLAND AND TECTCNIC HISTORY OF SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND: Patrick J. Moreover, the increased network of seismographs in the region is greatly improving our knowledge of present day tectonic activity.

Geological Survey (Denver) ACKNOWLEDGMENT The editors extend their thanks to numerous University of Rhode Island graduate and undergraduate students for their assistance In the assembly of the NEIGC announcement and this guidebook. A-l DISTRIBUTION AND STRUCTURAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE OAKDALE FORM- ATION IN NORTHEASTERN CONNECTICUT: M. Skehan 67 R-3 THE BLACXSTCNE SERIES: EVIDENCE FOR AN AVALONIAN PLATE MARGIN IN NORTHERN RHODE ISLAND: Dreier, R. and Mosher, S 93 R-4 IGNEOUS ROCKS OF NORTHERN RHODE ISLAND: Malcolm J. Carroll .103 B-5 CONTACT RELATIONSHIPS OF THE LATE PALEZOIC NARRAGANSETT PIER GRANITE AND COUNTRY ROCK: 0. Fisher 153 E-7 THE GEOLOGIC SETTING OF COAL AND CARBONACEOUS MATERIAL, NARRA- GANSETT BASIN, SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND: D. The close match of magnetic and gravity data with surface geology has led to the discovery of important regional features and now provides a way to map through the glacial cover.

Extensive geo- logic quadrangle mapping and stratigraphic studies by the U. Geological Survey have been done in eastern Connecticut and eastern Massachusetts, and adjacent off- shore surveys have been completed.

Chase, Jr 175 &-8 SELECTED MINERAL COLLECTING SITES IN NORTHEASTERN RHODE ISLAND: Ralph L. Edwards 201 V PAGE B-9 SEDIMENTATION IN MICROTIDAL COASTAL LAGOONS, SOUTHERN RHODE ISLAND: Nancy Friedrich, Stephen R. Boothroyd 211 B-10 & C-9 GLACIAL GEOLOGY IN SOUTHERN RHODE ISLAND: J. Schafer 229 C-l THE GEOLOGY OF CAMBRIAN ROCKS OF CCNANICUT ISLAND, JAMESTOWN, RHODE ISLAND: James W. J., Nicholas Rast, and Daniel Logue 237 C-2 ALLEGHENIAN DEFORMATION AND METAMORHISM OF SOUTHERN NARRA- GANSETT BASIN: Rachel J. The new data compliment the earlier work of Quinn and others, and of- fers the opportunity to make new geologic interpretations, as well as allowing a more precise definition of key problems and areas for future study.

The Narragansett Basin has been studied as part of a coal investigation program with the support of the U. More reliable radiometric age dates are now available as a result of improved laboratory techniques and better geologic control on the sample localities.

Geological and geophysical studies sponsored by the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission have been performed by the New England Seismotectonic Study. A variety of work has been done by consultants to public utilities, and a number of topical studies have been undertaken by university personnel and students in the region.

Naylor 303 C-5 ZIRCON GEOCHRCNOLOGY AND PETROLOGY OF PLUTONIC ROCKS IN RHODE ISLAND: 0. Boothroyd 359 GENERAL STRUCTURAL SETTING OF RHODE ISLAND AND TECTONIC HISTORY OF SOUTHEASTERN NEW ENGLAND Patrick J. Don Hermes 2 INTRODUCTION A great deal of new information has been learned about the geology of Rhode Island and the surrounding region since Quinn summarized the geology of the state in 1971.


Eventhough most of the current studies are imcomplete, we hope that the spirit of NEIGC will provide an opportunity for the geologists working in the area to share the results of their on-going studies with students, faculty, and commercial geologists. Don Hermes, University of Rhode Island Registration: E. These rocks are cut by a series of high angle west-dipping fault slices that are invaded by granitic intrusive rock of Ordovici- an to Devonian ages (Dixon, 1964; Alvord and others, 1976; Bell and Alvord, 1976; Normal Fault Strike Slip Fau I t Thrust Fault — ~© Field Trip Routes Nantucket Figure 1.

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