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Guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750, including the history of European exploration and portrayals of Native Americans.

Covers range of subjects, from natural disasters to disease outbreaks and slavery.

Full text for more than 140 popular middle school magazines. Also 84,000-plus biographies, 100,000-plus primary source documents and more than 440,000 photos, maps and flags.

Research-based and experience-driven, Transparent Language Online is a language-learning program that provides an effective, fun, and engaging experience for language learners of all levels.

Learning Express Library is an EBSCO resource provided by Badger Link to all Wisconsin residents.

The Career Center includes information, e-books, tests and tutorials on over 20 career fields and occupational exams.

Ideal for sales leads, mailing lists, market research, employment opportunities, finding friends and relatives and much more! Products tested range from major purchases (automobiles and appliances) to everyday items (food and cleaning products). Multi-disciplinary database provides full text for more than 4,500 journals, including full text for more than 3,700 peer-reviewed titles.

PDF files to 1975 or later available for more than 100 journals, and searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,000 titles.Bibliographic records covering topics on educational administration, including leadership, management, research and other areas of key relevance to education as a discipline.Index contains 60,000 records, which are selected from the most important sources.Your local library and the Winnefox Library System have made it possible for you to access library resources from home or work.To access some of those research tools with a lock icon, you may need to have your library account number and PIN handy.Topics cover all levels of education and educational specialties.


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  2. Other “do not disturb” signs include when she’s reading, writing or working on her laptop.

  3. She didn\'t notice a guy who slowly approached her from behind and suddenly grabbed her hand.

  4. Not all are ex-boyfriends—in the eleven years that “boyfriend” has been a name for men in my life, I have referred to nine as “boyfriends.” The rest are men I dated casually, guys I dated disastrously, make-out buddies, one-night stands, vacation flings, and a few boys I never touched but flirted with so heavily they can no longer be categorized as “just friends.” These people aren’t ex-boyfriends but they’re ex-something, weighted with enough personal history to make my stomach drop when they message me or pop up in social-media feeds. There was a time, I am told, when exes lived in Texas and you could avoid them by moving to Tennessee. You may never see this person again, but he will always be your ex. Like “dialing” a cell phone or “filming” a digital video, “one-night stand” is an anachronism.

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